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“Playing for a Greener Future”
30 April – 02 May 2011
The Doha Declaration
Over 650 participants representing National Olympic Committees, International
Federations, the International Olympic Committee, the United Nations Environment
Programme (UNEP), Organizing Committees for the Olympic Games (LOCOG, Sochi
2014, Rio 2016), Candidate Cities, partners, inter-governmental organizations, NGOs and
civil society gathered in Doha, Qatar for the 9
IOC World Conference on Sport and the
Environment. The delegates of the Conference themed “Playing for a Greener Future”,
raised their voice in a concerted effort to reiterate their concern in regard to the
degradation of the environment. They reaffirmed their commitment to sustainable
Three principal focus areas emerged from the Conference as the overarching framework
for activities related to the three pillars of sustainable development - economic, social and
i. UN Conference on Environment and Development and the Olympic Movement
Twenty years after the United Nations Conference on Environment and
Development (“Earth Summit”) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, world leaders will
reconvene again during June 2012 (“Rio+20”) to take stock of sustainable
development issues and reflect on the continued degradation of the environment.
The 1992 “Earth Summit” prompted the IOC to integrate the environment in its
activities and to develop the Agenda 21 for the Olympic Movement. “Rio+20”
presents an important opportunity for the Olympic Movement to showcase the
contribution of the sporting movement to sustainable development.
Consequently, the Conference requests the following actions:
1. To share the vision of sustainable sports with the United Nations Conference on
Sustainable Development (“Rio+20”) and other UN proceedings;
2. To showcase sports as a catalyst for change and an inspiration for the realization of
the Millennium Development Goal No. 7 (Ensure Environmental Sustainability) at
ii. Engage the Youth for a Greener Future
Young people play an important role in society and in promoting sustainable
development. To inspire young people around the world to participate in sports and
adopt and live by the Olympic ideals, the IOC established the Youth Olympic
Games. The Conference notes with satisfaction the highly successful Youth
Olympic Games of Singapore and the fact that the IOC engaged several partners
to provide cultural and educational experiences at these Games.
Hence, the Conference requests the following actions:
1. The IOC to explore various methods of engaging young people on sustainable
development issues beyond the Youth Olympic Games – seeking opportunities to
work with other partners, particularly UN entities to promote Olympic ideals through
their own engagement processes, seminars and conferences;
2. The IOC to promote the involvement of young athletes in future World Conferences
and continental seminars on Sport and Environment;
3. The IOC and National Olympic Committees to develop and support educational
programmes for young people on environment and sustainable development;
4. National Olympic Committees to raise awareness of young people on sustainable
development issues and to spread the Olympic ideals in their local communities
through sports;
5. National Olympic Committees to consider promoting and supporting initiatives that
engage the youth, particularly in under privileged communities, in sustainable
development activities.
iii. Partnerships
The building of effective partnership is a driving force for achieving sustainable
development. The IOC has built a valuable partnership with the UNEP and with
several other UN entities.
The Conference requests the following actions:
1. The IOC to optimize its UN Observer status and further co-operate with the UN
system taking into consideration UN-Habitat, UNDP, UNESCO and internationally
recognized NGOs to implement its sustainable development agenda;
2. The IOC to develop a platform for the sharing of good practices to enrich the
existing national and local contributions to the wider sustainability goals;
3. National Olympic Committees, International Federations and Organizing
Committees of Olympic Games to collaborate with governments, local entities and
NGOs to drive the sustainability agenda.

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